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Monday, April 5, 2010

Margaret Trudeau is crazy

"I got 99 problems now YOUR bitch is one!"

Dear Pat:

Why was Margaret Trudeau so crazy?? I mean her husband was the prime minister of Canada, and apparently that just wasn't good enough so she just casually hopped on the Rolling Stones Tour Bus?? What did Mick have that Pierre didn't? (I can only assume he calls it a "beast of burden" for a reason).

That shit wouldn't fly nowadays! I mean, that would be like if Michelle Obama just peaced out on Barrack and hopped on Jay-Z's private jet.

I only ask you because you were what, like 50, 55, when the Trudeau scandal happened in the 80's?

Anyways, if you have some answers, let me know.


Shout out to Margaret Tru-Dat for this one.

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