Letters dedicated to Pat, the crazy-ass building manager of my apartment

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More friendly signs in my building...

Pat likes stickers
Pat is sick and tired of garbage!

Dear Pat,

A few more signs I noticed on my casual jaunt around the building this morning. I can tell a bit more about who you are from these signs.

1. You like gardens. And flowers. And stickers of flowers and gardens. (Who doesn't??)

2. You care about the earth. FYI you might want to get LG out into the "gardens" behind our apartment, because at our dinner (read: predrink) the other night, a couple of us noticed a family of raccoons dining out of the compost. LG needs to earn his keep.

3. You have had it up to HERE with people leaving their darned fast food containers in the junk mail bin! I mean, the nerve! Your use of exclamation points really gets the message across! Pat, I promise you, next time I walk in with my family size bucket of KFC (which I've obviously demolished by the time I walk into the front entrance of the building and encounter the mailbox) I will dispose of the bucket appropriately. You have my word.

Are empty buckets and leftover KFC gravy compostable?


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