Letters dedicated to Pat, the crazy-ass building manager of my apartment

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The note that started it all

So here's the note that started it all....
Lets have a quick breakdown of a few points here. First of all, the note was left on my door anonymously, then the culprit knocked on my door and ran away "nicky nicky nine door" styles.
In the words of Stephanie Tanner..."HOW RUDE!"

Secondly, I WISH there was moaning and screaming happening at 3am. I was in bed, ALONE, in my flannel jammies fast asleep at 3am. If I had been making sexy time, do you think I'd be disgruntled enough to write an angry open-ended letter to Pat? No. Getting laid is natures Prozac, and lets just say I haven't been getting my perscription filled.

Third, note how the letter is addressed to Renter (I own by the way) and followed by open dots, which make it look like whoever wrote it is addressing it to Renteroo. Hence the nickname. When I first read it I thought it was going to be friendly, like Ned Flanders style "Heya there renterooni, just wanted to say thanks for being a great neighbor, okely dokely!" Not the case. All in all WTF!?

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